Sometimes you may notice that your water bill goes up a little bit after a month of heavy usage, but anytime you notice your water bill go up when your usage hasn’t, you may have a water leak that needs to be checked out. An average family of four uses about 216,000 gallons of water annually, but on average, 10,000 gallons of water per home per year is wasted due to leaks.

At Ray Lusk Plumbing, we can help. We use the most advanced leak detection equipment in the industry to pinpoint the location of hard to find water leaks in yards, behind walls, or even under concrete slabs. With our advanced leak detection technology, we can find the leak, and repair it in the most efficient way possible.

We use a combination of the most advanced acoustic leak detection equipment available and hydrogen tracer gas with an H2 probe capable of pinpointing the location of even the hardest to find leaks. Our leak detection specialists also use a revolutionary lepton thermal imaging camera and the latest generation dual frequency locator system. This enables us to not only pinpoint leaks, but to trace the leaking lines back to their source. When we find the source of a leak, we can repair the leak in the most efficient and cost effective way possible, with minimal structural damage.

Whether the source of your leak is a hot water heater leaking or the infamous water leak under slab nightmare every homeowner dreads, at Ray Lusk Plumbing, we can find it, fix it, and in most cases do so for less than you might expect.

If you suspect you may have a leak, don’t delay. Water leaks never get better over time, only worse. Call Ray Lusk Plumbing today at 501-664-0940 in Central Arkansas, at 479-287-0420 in Northwest Arkansas, or contact us online at this link from wherever you are and let us know how we can help!