Small business owners love the freedom that comes from no longer having to punch a time clock, deal with a boss or corporate standards, or explain every decision. They also quickly learn that their freedom often comes with substantially longer workdays, many new inconveniences, and unexpected bills for a few thousand dollars that come at the absolute worst time.

Ray Lusk Plumbing was founded by one man with one pickup truck, and has grown to be Arkansas’ top provider of plumbing repair service, leak detection, and rooter services. From day one, we’ve understood the importance of creating repeat business, and stood behind every job. Almost four decades later, our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction hasn’t changed. Here are just a few of the reasons why our clients keep coming back:

Flat Rate Pricing: Our team of plumbing specialists have hundreds of combined years of experience, and have gotten pretty good at determining how long that it will take to complete most jobs; If the job takes longer, your bill won’t go up.

Preventative Service Contracts: We offer annual service contracts that include a variety of preventative services and inspections to protect you from long term plumbing issues, and they typically pay for themselves with the first service call.

Service After the Sale: Arkansas continues to grow in population, and we have several communities that are growing by leaps and bounds. But it will never lose its small-town charm, and news of a bad service experience will continue to travel lightning fast. We take pride in every job, and owe our longevity to repeat and referral business!

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a service appointment, contact us online, or at 501-664-0940 in Central Arkansas, or 479-287-0420 in Northwest Arkansas.