After Hours Plumbing Services

Do you know who to call when find yourself in need of 24 hour emergency plumbing help?

We’re all familiar with Murphy’s Law, and plumbing emergencies always seem to happen at the worst time possible. But the truth is that there is never a convenient time for your pipes to burst, or for your water heater to explode. But what happens if you encounter your plumbing emergency after normal business hours, or on a holiday?

Ray Lusk Plumbing has been Arkansas’ most trusted plumber and rooter company since 1980, and we understand the importance of being available when disaster strikes. In fact, what you call an emergency, we call just another day at the office! Our team is available to serve you every day, night, weekend, and holiday, and we’ll be there rain or shine! There are also a few basic things that you can do on your own to lessen your risk of a plumbing emergency:

Fix Small Problems Before They Become Large Problems – Not all plumbing emergencies are preventable, but many are predictable. Make sure that you’re familiar with your water heater’s estimated lifespan, and have it professionally inspected on an annual basis. If you have a leaking faucet or a toilet that runs continuously, ignoring the problem will mean a higher water bill each month, and it could also develop into a bigger problem that can cause damage to your home, and cost much more to repair.

Know Your Limitations with DIY projects – Speaking of DIY projects, it’s worth mentioning that we get a lot of service calls as a result of botched home improvement projects. Be sure you know where all your underground pipes are located before you do any digging, and know what’s behind every wall that you plan on cutting into or knocking down. And remember that there’s no shame in calling in a professional for the parts of the job you’re not comfortable performing yourself.

Invest in a Service Agreement – If you want to experience true peace of mind, one of our affordable service agreements is definitely the way to go. Your agreement includes an annual plumbing equipment inspection, a 10% discount on our flat-rate pricing, and priority service on all calls.

If you have any questions, or are ready to schedule a service call, contact us online, or at 501-664-0940 in Central Arkansas or 479-287-0420 in Northwest Arkansas.