Take care of your lawn!

Ray Lusk offers lawn sprinkler repair to progress and protect your lawn. Our licensed irrigators are experienced in a variety of solutions to help you get the best lawn care.


Owning an automated irrigation system is helpful to you in many ways. Ray Lusk’s sprinkler systems helps you save money and maintain a great market value by keeping your property fresh and healthy. You won’t need worry about forgetting to turn the water-hose off again. Take advantage of our systems to save you from owing money for water you didn’t even mean to use. This is awesome because you save money AND water!

Instead of standing outside spraying your lawn with the water hose, our sprinkler systems will come on automatically, thus saving you time!

If you need lawn sprinkler repair, Ray Lusk Plumbing can help you with a variety of services including system maintenance, tune-ups, re-routes and more!

We Offer State-of-the-Art Sprinkler Systems

One of the best ways to control your irrigation structure is by using the Rain Bird WiFi module. Rain Bird is a free, mobile app that lets you control your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world with the simple click of an app. Rain Bird is stress-free and customizable to you. The app allows you to receive alerts, change your sprinkler patterns, customize the zones that are being watered and make changes to your watering agenda. It also offers a variety of sprinkling tools. When the weather is fluctuating you can simply go in the app and increase or decrease the scheduled watering’s. One of Rain Bird’s coolest features is that you can add different users to control the system!

Many clients enjoy our Sprinkler Service Agreement Plans! Our service agreements provide you with highly skilled service and repair technicians that will maintain your sprinkler system. If an issue arises with your sprinkler system, our technicians will be there to repair or replace with top-of-the-line products. Each of our team members are trained extensively and will work hard to save your hard-earned money.

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