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The Best Leak Detection in North Little Rock

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Detecting a water leak is difficult. What makes it even more difficult is that many plumbers may be doing it the wrong way.

Many companies use old methods that can damage your home’s foundation and leave a mess. Not only will we find the leak, but we will repair the source of the problem. That way, you don’t have to worry about it again.

When you’re looking for a trusted team to perform your leak detection in North Little Rock, Ray Lusk Plumbing has you covered. Our detection specialists use the newest equipment such as thermal imaging cameras and hydrogen tracers. These techniques, combined with our surplus of experience, means we are able to serve you better than the competition.

Additionally, our techniques & tools are safe for use in and around your home. Our H2 tracer gas is the only safe, permitted gas for your drinking water. Other gases used by those with old techniques may be toxic for water use in your North Little Rock home.

We are ready to help you 24/7/365. Anytime your home or business has a leak, let us know and we will be on the scene in a flash! We work hard to solve the problem as quickly as possible so your home doesn’t suffer any unnecessary damages.

We focus on getting the job done quickly and correctly. Our team is here to help you to save money while getting the best quality. As a company, we put our customers and their needs first. Take advantage of our $299 leak detection offer today!

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