Professional RPZ Testing in Little Rock

Ray Lusk Plumbing offers backflow, or often referred to as RPZ (reduced pressure zone) testing in Little Rock. Backflow testing ensures that you’re drinking water is safe and free of bacteria or toxins. Our team is professionally trained to install, test and provide proper documentation of your backflow prevention unit.


A backflow preventer works to rid your water of contamination by detecting a decrease in water pressure which will trigger the valve to open and drop the water before it comes into your home. And an decrease in water pressure could be due to a water leak, hydrant flushing or a city water main break among many other things.

Backflow preventers also protect the city’s water supply from contaminated water due to a back-up in irrigation systems, boilers, or fire suppression systems. Additionally, contaminations could come from stagnant water or chemicals used in irrigation systems.

Our goal is to keep your water supply clean and safe. We recommend annual RPZ testing to assure that the water coming into your home has not been exposed to contaminants. We also work hard to save you time and money. In the case that your backflow preventer fails the test, we will discuss the best repair options for you and your budget.

If you’re having problems with your backflow unit, Ray Lusk Plumbing is just one phone call away. We are available to you 24/7/365 and will be on our way as soon as we get your call. Our team never wants your family to deal with harmful drinking water. Clean water is the basic source for many house-hold tasks such as washing your clothes, taking a shower, cooking or baking and much more. If you ever suspect your water may be contaminated, call us right away and we will be there.

If your Little Rock home needs a backflow preventer or RPZ testing, contact us today!

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