Sewer Camera Inspection in Springdale

Sewer Camera Inspection Now Offered in Springdale!

Ray Lusk Plumbing now offers sewer camera and video inspection. This up-to-date technique allows us to find the exact problem much faster. Our sewer camera and video inspection also saves you time and money!


Are you in need of sewer camera inspection in Springdale? An in-depth inspection will let you know if there are any issues or potential problems that will end up costing you in the future. Since the camera makes it incredibly easy to pinpoint the location of the problem, you won’t have to deal with a messy lawn from digging holes and making incorrect guesses.

This special camera makes finding cracks, roots, clogs, etc. much easier to find. A sewer camera and video inspection is simple: it’s a tiny, waterproof camera attached to a line that records and shows any issues in your sewer. You and your plumber get to stay above ground viewing a monitor while the camera does the work. Using a sewer camera and video inspection is even more useful than finding clogs, though.

You can have a sewer camera inspection performed when looking to buy a house. When putting your hard-earned money into a new house, do yourself a favor and get a sewer inspection done. It can, and often will, save you from owing money on repairs. Implementing a sewer camera and video inspection will also save your new yard.

Instead of spending hours trying to guess where the issue is, our team can use the sewer camera and video inspector to find the problem and begin fixing it in just minutes! The faster we can get the issue fixed, the faster you can get back to doing daily things like showering, using the bathroom, or getting a drink of water after being outside with your plumber!

To find out more about our sewer camera and video inspection services in Springdale, contact us today!

Sewer Camera Line Inspection in Northwest Arkansas

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