Let Us Clean Your Sewer Lines!

Ray Lusk Plumbing happily offers a modern service called sewer jetting or sewer line hydrojetting in Little Rock! This service power-cleans debris from your sewer lines. Sewer line hydrojetting is a great and effective way to clean out sewer lines and push the build-up and bad odors down-stream.


Sewer line hydrojetting uses extremely high-pressured water through a small line and a carefully selected jet-nozzle to break through and push away anything that is or could potentially cause damage in your sewer lines. Although the water pressure is high enough to get rid of roots, dirt, grease and other blockages, it won’t damage the sewer lines one bit!

Hydrojetting is a long-term solution for cleaning or fixing your sewer lines. Unlike running a snake through your drain that pokes a hole for water to pass through, hydrojetting services will completely rid your pipes of sludge and leave them squeaky clean.

Our hydrojetting service will also save your time and money. Sewer jetting is much faster than alternative cleaning options. Providing your sewer lines with a deep, vigorous clean means you won’t have to schedule and pay another plumber to un-clog your drain for a long time! Conventional cleaning may be required two or more times a year, but hydrojetting can be done once every few years.

Sewer jetting services are also safer for the economy. Because this service uses mostly water and few to no chemicals, it is a healthier option for the environment. Other solutions may involve harsh or toxic chemicals that do not support your pipes or the environment.

Overall, it is a low-cost solution that provides a long-term effect to keep your sewer lines and drain working efficiently so you can relax and enjoy your home.

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