Low water pressure doesn’t have to ruin your shower.

We recently had pressure issues (with a brand new 1.75gpm shower head) in our guest bathroom. As a plumber, working for the largest residential service plumber in Little Rock, I was embarrassed and appalled at the thought of providing a bad showering experience to one of our guests.

I began researching an inexpensive way to solve this issue without having to change out the shower valve. I ran across a new shower head technology from Delta called H2Okinetic®.

“By controlling water’s shape, velocity and thermal dynamics, Delta has reinvented how you shower—creating a warmer, more luxurious spray that gives the feeling of a high-flow shower with a fraction of the water. “

“This unique shower experience is created by harnessing the natural energy of water and directing it through specially engineered chambers in the showerhead. Each channel is designed to create a vortex that oscillates and sculpts water as it exits, creating a wave pattern that provides a dense, concentrated spray. Combined with larger water droplets—designed to replicate those found in a tropical rainforest—the result is a warmer, more indulgent shower, even when the water pressure is as low as 20 PSI.”

“The end result is a shower that provides more coverage, more warmth and more intensity for a truly drenching shower experience. Delta WaterSense labeled faucets, showers and toilets use at least 20% less water than the industry standard—saving you money without compromising performance.”

I installed the new shower head and decided to see how it worked. After a long, well, maybe a very long test shower, I was pleasantly surprised at the difference this new showerhead made. The incoming water pressure was the same, the shower head had the same 1.75gpm flow rate, but it was a completely different shower. I am now satisfied with our guest shower and happy that our plumbing problem was fixed inexpensively.

If your home has low water pressure due to a faulty pressure regulator that you are not quite ready to replace, or the city water pressure in your area is not meeting your needs, this is a great and cost-effective option that I highly recommend.

Call us today to see if this solution may be just what the plumber ordered.