There are many things that can affect drainage in your home. Some of them are relatively easy to fix by running a snake, removing and cleaning a sink trap, or grabbing the good ol’ plunger and applying a bit of elbow grease! On the other hand, sometimes you’ll have a more stubborn problem, such as a deep clog, or a damaged pipe. In those cases, it may be time to call us for rooter service!

The term “rooter” originally referred to a specialist who removed tree roots that grew into sewer lines, but now refers more generally to plumbers that perform deep drainage cleaning and repairs. Rooters use special tools to unclog drains, and in some severe cases, they might even replace the pipes themselves.

Remember that as a homeowner, you’re personally liable for the upkeep on your home’s drainage system all the way to its connection with the main sewer lines. If you neglect routine maintenance for too long, repair and replacement costs can skyrocket! We recommend scheduling rooter services at least once a year, whether you think you need it or not!