Trenchless Water Service Replacement in Little Rock

At Ray Lusk Plumbing, we are proud to provide our customers with access to Trenchless water service replacement. Wherever you are in Central Arkansas you have the opportunity to take advantage of this new tech. If you’re looking to replace your water service line, get in touch with us and see what Ray Lusk Plumbing can do for you.


When it comes to water line replacement, the first word that probably comes to mind is “mess.” For most projects, replacing water service lines means digging big trenches in your yard and possibly sawing up your driveway. Once the job is done and water service has been restored, you still have the scars of the work, gouging your yard for months, and that is if you know how to grow grass. Well, thanks to new technology, water service line replacement has just gotten a lot cleaner.

Our trenchless water service line replacement is designed to make service water line replacement, faster, cheaper, and cleaner. The pipe bursting equipment is the perfect solution for replacing old copper and plastic lines that bring water into your home. This service splits the old line while replacing it with new piping, maximizing efficiency and lowering the need for trenches that destroy your lawn, which is a win for the wallet and your property value. Lines as long as 150 feet and longer can be replaced, meaning homes that are set off the road can still reap the benefits of this incredible and cost-effective service.

Trenchless Line Replacement

Northwest Arkansas