When you buy a new car or hire someone to paint your house, you typically shop around before you make a decision. So why wouldn’t you do the same thing when it comes to hiring a plumber? Even if you have a plumbing emergency, it’s possible to do a lot of research online, and that’s exactly what you should do.

Ray Lusk Plumbing has been in continuous operation since 1980, and we’re not afraid to tell you to shop around. Whether you need toilet or sink installation, leak detection, or rooter services, we stand by our reputation, which we’ve worked very hard to earn. We offer fixed-rate pricing on all of our work, and stand behind every job. We encourage you to ask a few questions before you make your final decision:

How many years of experience do they have? Experience doesn’t tell you everything, but it tells you a lot. Most small businesses are lucky to survive for more than 5 years, and if they’re not really good at what they do, they won’t make it that far. This doesn’t mean that a newly established company will do a bad job, but when it comes to plumbing, you can always expect the unexpected. An experienced company is often better-prepared to handle problems, because they’ve just seen a lot more.

What do their references say? Sites like Angie’s List are invaluable when it comes to hiring a plumber or other service contractor, but don’t be afraid to contact the company directly for a list of recent references. Any reputable company will be glad to give you a bunch of names.

What do your instincts tell you? Even though you might not know much about plumbing, your mother didn’t raise a fool. Gather estimates from multiple contractors. Compare all of your bids side by side, and beware of any that come in substantially lower than the others. What corners are they prepared to cut to offer you that low price? Ultimately, if you get a bad feeling about someone, the last thing that you want to do is invite them into your home.

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